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IT Support Services.

Enterprise IT is not a reactive IT support company. We donít wait for you to cry "help" down the phone. Our IT support service is proactive; we work so that you donít need to call us. It is our responsibility to keep your IT working properly so that you can concentrate on what you know best; your job.


We make your IT infrastructure work effectively. It is as simple as that. When you press the keys on your keyboard, you expect certain things to happen. If they donít happen, you call us.


It is the same for every member of your organisation as well. There is no need for one person to coordinate all IT support issues because our It support service is unlimited during normal office hours , and beyond if you so wish.


Our IT support service is simple; regular maintenance backed up with unlimited support and free emergency call-outs. Mechanics service your car to keep it running properly; we do the same for your computers.


  • Regular on-site Maintenance
  • Unlimited support
  • Remote monioring
  • Emergency call-outs

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